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Chiropractic Care, Therapeutic Massage, Drug Testing and
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We are a health and wellness facility serving Sonoma County for the past 31 years. Along with superb chiropractic care, we offer therapeutic massage. We look beyond your symptoms to find the cause of disease in your body. We specialize in spinal health maintenance and rehabilitation to get you well quickly.

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Our philosophy toward health is guided by the knowledge that our bodies are self-healing. Healing is controlled by the brain and nervous system. Stresses, strains and injuries can prevent your body from healing and communicating properly. The chiropractor’s job is to determine where the distress is occurring in your nervous system and to remove the cause of the stress, allowing your body to heal naturally without interference and without prescription drugs!

Our patients travel from all over the North Bay. We are a full service facility centrally located on the Boulevard and we offer chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage and much more.

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If you are suffering pain or discomfort, don't wait a minute longer. Call Dr. Hammer for fast relief: 707-763-0564